Need For Qualified Faculty in Proper Education

The fact is true that Quality of Learning can’t be addressed in a vacuum that is caused by the absence of good schools and experienced and qualified teachers and or basic facilities such as necessary equipments that form the basis of creation of environment that enables effective and efficient flow of information and useful knowledge among the teachers and students. Nor can it be addressed separate from the socio-economic context of the child. Socioeconomic context means collection and assessment of societal and moral values that forms basics approach of the child to attain a status in society.

Quality and Access and therefore equity are needed extricable. But it is critical to appreciate that in a complex socio-economic system such as ours, as much as Access impacts Quality, so does Quality impact Access.

It’s just like the double helix of the DNA, the two strands are never complete in themselves, but they are always together. The DNA of education runs on the two strands of Quality and Access. Both of them are always bound to stand together and never complete the whole picture until kept apart.

Equally important in this discourse and debate is the fact that accompanying good intentions translate to action on the ground-on both Quality and Access. Funds are not thought to be a constraint. Successive governments have committed generous funds to education thus they don’t create a problem in creation of a sustainable education system in country.

The need really is to get execution done at the level where it really makes an impact on the life of each child. Every child should go to school and learn joyfully. This should become the topmost priority in the national action agenda fro imparting quality education. This will be the most important factor in fulfilling the potential and promise that the vast productive population ofIndiaholds.

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